Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design

and Media


The ABC Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media is designed to provide its students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions, facilitating progression to Higher Education in the areas of Art, Design and Media, or into related employment. This Foundation Diploma programme builds prior experience, linking skills already acquired, with ideas and challenges which extend your critical independence and provide students with a full understanding of the career opportunities in art, design and media.


The TYDA gives the opportunity of studying the ABC Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media online and aims to give its students a similar experience to those who study at a physical college. 


All the work completed on the course will go towards the students putting together a professional portfolio of specialist work to support an application for degree study. Students will receive comprehensive support in putting the portfolio together and in-depth guidance from the staff team during the application process.


The course is delivered by an experienced team of subject specialists who have worked extensively in both education and in their relevant industries

Course Structure


The course is made up of three stages. The first, the Exploratory Stage see’s its students explore a range of subjects enabling them to experience first-hand some of the theoretical and practical aspects relevant to these subjects. These experiences, acquired knowledge along with own interests and ambition will make it possible to select a subject area for the second stage, the Pathway Stage which will follow. During this stage the students will work on a range of specialist assignments that will enhance understanding, knowledge and acquire skills within their choice of subject that will then lead them to the third stage, the Confirmatory Stage. This is the final stage of the course where students will undertake a final major project (FMP). This will bring together, use and extend skills, knowledge and understanding in the production of a body of work that is supported by tutors but is self-set and managed by the student.


The students are assessed at regular intervals during the course and receive in-depth feedback on their work and performance giving advice on how to improve and advance their creative practice.

Specialist Pathways



Fine Art 

Assessment: Portfolio of evidence


Visual Communication

Assessment: Portfolio of evidence


Fashion/Textile Design

Assessment: Portfolio of evidence



Assessment: Portfolio of evidence


 3D Design 

Assessment: Portfolio of evidence


Creative Media 

Assessment: Portfolio of evidence